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Roadway Accident*


Bicycle Accident*


Pedestrian Accident*
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At SERPALAW, I leverage over 20 years of litigation experience to ensure you are treated fairly and maximize your financial award or settlement so that you can focus on making a full recovery.

- Founder of SERPALAW.
Sarah Serpa

"I have worked closely with Sarah on several matters over the past 3 years. She is a feerless and brilliant litigator. I have learned a lot from Sarah and hope to be as good as her some day."

Sue Park  —  Real Estate Attorney

"I have worked with Ms. Serpa on several litigated matters. Her legal knowledge and insight were invaluable in reaching a successful conclusion. Highly recommended."

David Hayen  —  Real Estate Attorney

"Sarah is extremely thoughtful and carries herself with the highest standard of professionalism. Additionally, her accomplishments are outstandingly impressive."

Ellie Vilendrer  —  Business Attorney

Ms Serpa is a spectacular lawyer with the charisma, intelligence, creativity and experience to match and/or trump the best of the best. She also possesses a genuine caring and down to earth attitude that is sure to charm any jury. It is not possible for me to give a higher recommendation to anyone in the legal profession.

Joseph Higuera  —  Motorcycle Accident Attorney

"Sarah is extremely devoted to her clients. She is a zealous advocate and goes the extra mile to uncover key facts, exploit the inherent weaknesses in her opponent's case and obtain the best possible result for her client."

Kimberly Maynard Carasso  —  Personal Injury Attorney

"She is one of the finest attorneys I know. She is tenacious and goal oriented. She can get results in a case that no one would expect. Her preparation for any aspect of litigation is meticulous and well thought out. She constantly has a game plan and updates her game plan as needed at all times. She is excellent."

John Hurney  —  Insurance Attorney

"She is a tough and thorough litigator."

Kathleen Dunham  —  Litigation Attorney

"Sarah is nothing less than impressive. Her analytical skills, tenacity and true advocacy make her an outstanding attorney."

Kristy Schlesinger  —  Business Attorney

Case Results & Verdicts

Sarah Serpa has over 20 years of proven litigation experiencing helping clients attain fair settlements and favorable jury verdicts for her clients.*


Roadway Accident

Pre trial settlement for two women rendered quadriplegic due to dangerous road condition. 


Bicycle Accident

Award for bicyclist made paraplegic by dangerous road condition.


Bicycle Accident

Settlement for bicyclist brain injured by auto collision.


Pedestrian Accident

Settlement for man hit by county bus.


Brain Injury

Settlement for brain injury caused by medical malpractice


Sexual Assault

Jury verdict sexual assault victim.


Traumatic Brain Injury

Settlement after jury trial for brain injuries due to head injury after auto collision


Auto Accident

Settlement for hip injury in auto collision.


Bus Accident

Settlement for woman hit by county bus.

*Responsible attorney for these cases while working for Callahan & Blaine.

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Described by her peers as a “tough and thorough litigator,” personal injury attorney Sarah Serpa has the experience and tenacity you need to maximize the value of your case. Contact Sarah today to schedule a free case evaluation. Together, you can discuss the facts of your case, the extent of your injuries and determine the best legal strategy forward.

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Proven Personal Injury Results

personal Injury

Sarah Serpa has dedicated her legal career to helping clients injured in catastrophic accidents throughout the state of California. Throughout her career, Sarah has successfully litigated and settled personal injury cases involving traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and death. In addition, Sarah has unique experience litigating roadway cases against large government entities, helping her clients receive the compensation they need to make a full financial recovery.

Experienced Employment Law Attorney


In the workplace, everyone is supposed to be treated the same and paid a fair wage. No one should be harassed, retaliated against, discriminated against or wrongfully terminated. Unfortunately, workers face unfair treatment from their employers everyday.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against, harassed or wrongfully terminated, SerpaLaw is ready to protect your rights.

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